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Service Provider


Go Online/offline

You control your privacy.

Live tracking

Get live Whistler matches while on the move.

Set Expiry

Set expiry time to search for Whistlers.

Binary reviews

Good service = thumbs up.

SOS Alerts

Alert loved ones when there is a panic.

Business Owner/Provider

List Your Skills

Create a Whistle and list your skills as tags.

Set radius

Set a radius to get alerts when a matching consumer is found.

Set expiry time

Set expiry time for your whistles from never to 24 hours

Select provider

Set as a provider Whistler when you are looking for customers.


Who are you looking for?

Anything around you is quicker than you think. Just explore.

Not finding your match?

Create consumer whistle with desire tag(s).

Set radius

Set a radius to get alerts when a matching provider is found.

Set expiry

Set a time upto 24 hrs to search for matches.

Select Consumer

Set as Consumer Whistler when you are looking for Provider Whistlers.

Use cases

Xtraa logo


Xtraa app connects neighbours to share beer in odd hours.

helmet logo


Helmet app was released to alert fellow drivers during traffic enforcement and increase drivers helmet hours.

Use cases (B - B)

Whistle freights logo

Whistle Freights

Whistle Freights connects carriers and shippers(brokers) from India on the move and do business. By end of 2020 , there will be 10,000 trucks on-board.

Use cases (Social cause)


30K blood donor Whistlers on board.

Whistle Reporter

“Whistle Reporter” app launched by TamilNadu government used DoWhistle Platform to locate uncovered borewells reported by common people to convert as rain harvesting units. 3,000 bore wells were identified in a week.

Awards & News

The Technology headlines - Top 50 Successful Indian entrepreneurs in the US.

Acquisition-INTL - Leading GPS Consumer tracking platform 2019 - USA

When you search a problem, Google gives documents but DoWhistle will give problem solvers Read more at:

Our Team

Raja M Appachi

Founder and CEO

Karthikeyan Subramaniam

Founder and CTO

Mihir Akolkar

Co-Founder and COO

Ranga Jayaraman


Former Associate Dean and CDO at Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Jay Vijayan

Investor and Advisor

Former CIO at Tesla Motors

Vish Krishnan


MIT Doctorate, Harvard-affiliated faculty


MAMF Ventures

MAMF Ventures

California, USA

About Us

DoWhistle is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting people/business with one another, we build relationships through our app. DoWhistle provides capabilities to search, consume services provided and communicate with individuals for common interest.