Frequently Asked Questions

Whistle bring people and their needs closer and faster.

Frequently Asked Questions


Not at all, you may use our services as an anonymous user. If you want to search for Whistles around you, simply open the app, select the appropriate category, and Whistle on!

Creating an account ensures your preferences are saved and also enables the geo-tracking feature. If you’d like the app to actively find matches for you automatically, just create a profile of your needs and/or available services.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your phone number is entered and saved in the app.
  2. Make sure your phone number follows the following format: India 9912345678, USA 4081231234. Please do not include the country code.

To get the verification code sent again, feel free to enter your phone number again and click “OK ” and voila! The verification code will be sent out again.

We are sorry you’re having difficulty and are more than happy to help resolve the problem. Please reach out to us via email at

Using Whistle

Your default search radius is set to 10 kilometers or miles depending on your region. In order to customize your search radius, simply go to Menu, select Settings, and then adjust the horizontal Radius scroll to your liking.

Absolutely! The default is 10 search results per search, you may customize the number by going to Menu, then Settings, and then scroll where it says “Limit” to set your desired search outcome.

Simply maneuver the map to display your desired area. This can be done by:

  • Clicking and dragging the map until the center of your desired area is in the center of the map
  • Zooming in or out so that your map displays all of your desired search area

Then, just wait for Whistle to refresh automatically (be patient!) and your matches will be displayed.

A refresh interval is the amount of time the system waits in between refreshing in order to display the latest matches to you. The default refresh interval is 30 seconds. You can adjust the refresh interval thereby scheduling Whistle to refresh anywhere from 10 sec to 100 seconds.

This setting can be accessed by selecting Menu, Settings, then go to where it says “Refresh” and slide the till your desired refresh interval is indicated.

Yes, you perform a voice search by simply selecting the microphone icon on the map page. Voice your needs clearly and your results will be displayed thereafter. You can also edit the transcribed text after you have spoken. WILL BE AVAILABLE IN FUTURE.

You can clear your search specifications by clicking the Filter Icon (the triangle lollipop-looking thing) located on the map page. The any search specifications will then be cleared; ready for you to start a whole new search!

For sure, in fact, it’s easy! Click the Refresh Icon located on the top-left corner of the map. If you’d like to adjust your auto-refresh interval, please see the FAQ “What is a Refresh Interval?”

This option enables you to look for what your peers are doing based off of your phone contacts. This option can be used to identify fellow Whistlers you already know to trade tips, experiences, or to just Whistle with each other!

This option can be found in [+] icon on the MAP.

There is a an option located in Settings called “Background Tracking.” If you switch this option (OFF) the app will stop using data completely. Keep in mind, this also shuts off access to Whistle searches and geo-tracking unless you are connected to a WiFi source. This means, if you are a Whistler, your Whistles will be visible from last known area until you hide to remove your presence to other Whistlers.

Account Management

Absolutely. Keep in mind, you can only save preferences after you’ve created an account. Simply save the preference after you select your desired category and need.

For example, say you are eternally hungry. Simply select the “Food” category. Then, select the need titled "Looking for food?" and save it. The next time your hunger pangs strike, simply open the app and the app will automatically display Whistles of delicious dishes nearby.

Go to Menu, select Settings, and scroll until you see the Preference Set button. Select (OFF).

Go to Menu, Settings, and then scroll until you see the Whistler Alert button. Select (OFF).

In order to go invisible, open up the map page. From there, select the Visibility Icon in order to turn invisibility on or off.

There are two ways to update this. If you are creating your profile, the app will prompt you in regards to which of the two, text or call, you prefer. At least one of these modes of communication must be available (otherwise, those looking for your service cannot contact you!)

If you have already created your profile, simply go to Settings, then Profile, and scroll until you see the Text or Call option which controls how Whistlers will contact you. Be sure to click the “Update Profile” button afterwards to save your selection.

Go to Menu, then Settings, and select Profile. From there, you can edit general information such as your displayed name and your profile photo. To save your update, click the “Update Profile” button.

When you create a Whistle, you can add an image by clicking the “Add Image” Icon. The app will give you the option to either select a photo from your phone library or to take a new picture using the camera on your device.

Sorry, you cannot! Whistle accounts are melded directly and only to the phone numbers they were created with.

If you have a new phone number, you will need to uninstall the app, reinstall the app, and create an account from scratch with that new phone number. We suggest taking screenshots of your settings, preferences, and whistles if you’d like to replicate your prior profile.

Other FAQ While Whistling

No, Whistle is simply a marketplace forum. It is the user’s responsibility to facilitate payment for services and any transactions are conducted at the user’s own risk. Whistle does not collect dividends or nominal fees from transactions and/or purchases. Whistle does not provide a guarantee for transactions monetary or otherwise.

We merely provide the platform for communication. The real movers and shakers are the Whistlers!

Select their profile, it will show you how you can contact them. Depending on the Whistler, you will be able to contact the whistler via SMS/texting and/or via phone call.

Yes, you can upload a maximum of 3 images per Whistle.

An anonymous user will not have the geo-tracking feature activated, thus, they can only do manual searches and will not be visible to other Whistlers when they search in turn. Also, an anonymous user cannot create Whistles, and thus, cannot provide services.

A registered user can do so much more! A registered user can create Whistles, save search preferences, and will show up in fellow Whistlers’ searches.

Rating A Whistler

You can either give a Whistler a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down by clicking the thumb icons in the Whistler’s profile. Think of this as a voting system. You can only cast this one rating but you can change your mind as many times as you’d like. In other words, you can only cast one thumbs-up/thumbs-down no matter how many Whistles you consume.

Any time you’d like to change your mind, simply go back to that Whistler’s profile and click your new desired rating.

No, you cannot rate Whistles. You can only thumbs-up or thumbs-down Whistlers.

Whistlers with more thumbs-ups will be given priority and more visibility in future Whistle searches. This is how Whistle rewards those who have a great thumbs-up track-record! We strive to provide quality Whistles to users near and far!


Whistlers are fellow individuals of your local community. There is no cookie-cutter Whistler; in turn, Whistles can be as diverse as the Whistlers who are providing services! Retirees, stay-at-home parents, college students, and Batman can all create accounts and become Whistlers. What Whistlers all have in common is a love for what they do and a passion for providing excellent customer service.

Depending on your device, access either the Google Play Store for Android and from iTunes for iOS, search “Whistle,” and you should see the Whistle app come up. Our icon is a teal box with a white bolded “W” in it. Whistle away!

Unfortunately, currently Whistle is only accessible through our Android and iPhone apps. We are working to make Whistle accessible for other pieces of tech. Hang tight!

You have to be at least 18 years old in order to create and manage a Whistle account.

Ultimately, it has to do with your phone’s GPS reception and quality. Areas with little to no reception such as rural regions, indoor facilities, and underground parking garages can heavily impact the accuracy and function of the app’s geo-tracking feature.

If your phone is having trouble locking onto your exact location, another option is for you to search by location manually.

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