We are happy to help



Whistle provides capabilities to search, consume services provided and communicate with individuals for common interest. Whistle, is a place where HAVE meets WANT, in Real-time.

Food & Fare

Whether it’s for a snack or a feast, Whistlers are happy to fulfill your cravings whether it’s for health nuts or just for nuts.

Help, Handyman!

Whistle knowledgeable handymen such as plumbers, landscapers, painters, and carpenters to help you with making those upgrades and fixes to your home or building.

Auto Assist

Need a tow? Locked your keys in your car? Out of gas? Whistle while a car expert works on your beloved Beetle.


Because “carpool” sounds like something from back in grade school. Enjoy a ride with fellow Whistlers headed in the same direction as you.

Dash & Donate Blood

Save a life by giving blood. Receive Whistles from needy people and help them now.

Fast First Aid

For emergencies Get diagnosed, learn CPR, receive first aid deliveries and services.

Market & Meet

Buy and sell to your heart’s content. Shop till you drop!

Travel Chum

Find your airplane pal, your subway sidekick! Connect with fellow travelers and even arrange for gift exchanges.

Quick Tix

Purchase and sell tickets for anything under the sun from events to bus passes. Looking for last-minute tickets to that thing at that place? Look no further.

Personals & Pals

Find and meet other Whistlers with similar interests.

Everything-Else Express

Your need isn’t categorized? Search Whistles using key words.

Whistle app is available on PlayStore and App Store now!